How do our brains interpret sensory inputs to determine how we move through the world? How do the objects we perceive in the environment shape these interpretations? And what happens when these objects are themselves moving? We will address these questions in a multi-institution project that examines neural and computation mechanisms of causal inference in the context of interactions between perception of object motion, self-motion, and depth. We are looking for talented and creative scientists to join our effort.

We are offering multiple positions for postdoctoral fellows, graduate research assistants, and a data scientist as part of a BRAIN Initiative U19 project focused on the neural mechanisms of causal inference. This multi-institution project involves experimental and computational/theoretical laboratories at the University of Rochester (Drs. Greg DeAngelis and Ralf Haefner), Harvard Medical School (Dr. Jan Drugowitsch), New York University (Dr. Dora Angelaki), Baylor College of Medicine / Rice University (Dr. Xaq Pitkow), and the University of Washington (Dr. Greg Horwitz). The project is highly collaborative and interactive, involving high-density electrophysiological recordings in both macaque monkeys and mice, optogenetic manipulations in monkeys, development of novel dynamical theoretical frameworks, application of high-dimensional neural analyses, and establishment of a data analysis and storage platform across laboratories.

For the theoretical/computational efforts, candidates are expected to have a background in a quantitative field like computational neuroscience, machine learning, reinforcement learning, statistics, physics, etc.. For the experimental efforts, candidates are expected to have a background in neuroscience, experimental psychology, biomedical engineering, or a related field, and previous research experience in systems neuroscience is highly beneficial. Successful candidates will work primarily at one of the participating institutions but will collaborate broadly with team members across institutions. Candidates should submit their CV, a statement of research interests, and the names and contact information for three references.

Please consult for additional details, and to submit an application.