Aug 7, 2023 New paper: Causal inference during closed-loop navigation: parsing of self- and object-motion
Jun 26, 2023 Darrell Fischer joins lab as Biophysics graduate student
May 9, 2023 Zach Cohen becomes Kempner Institute Graduate Fellow
Feb 22, 2023 New paper: Bayesian inference in ring attractor networks
Dec 1, 2022 New paper: Visual motion perception as online hierarchical inference
Nov 30, 2022 New paper: Is the information geometry of probabilistic population codes learnable?
Nov 22, 2022 Zach Cohen joins lab as Program in Neuroscience graduate student
Nov 13, 2022 New paper: Controllability boosts neural and cognitive signatures of changes-of-mind in uncertain environments
Mar 14, 2022 Postdoc opening
Jan 4, 2022 New paper: Projection Filtering With Observed State Increments With Applications in Continuous-Time Circular Filtering
Dec 3, 2021 New paper: A large majority of awake hippocampal sharp-wave ripples feature spatial trajectories with momentum
Aug 26, 2021 Brooks Musangu, Ph.D., joins lab as Data Science postdoc
Aug 5, 2021 Albert Chen joins lab as Biophysics graduate student
Jul 12, 2021 John Vastola, Ph.D., joins lab as postdoc
Jun 18, 2021 Congratulations to Dr. Krause and Dr. Rast to their successful thesis defenses!
Mar 26, 2021 New paper: Optimal policy for attention-modulated decisions explains human fixation behavior
Jan 20, 2021 New paper: Scaling of sensory information in large neural populations shows signatures of information-limiting correlations
Sep 28, 2020 Bernstein workshop on dynamic probabilistic inference in the brain
Sep 28, 2020 Postdoc opening for modeling of high-dimensional neural data
Sep 16, 2020 New paper: Hierarchical structure is employed by humans during visual motion perception
Aug 4, 2020 Postdoctoral, predoctoral, and data scientist positions in multi-university project on causal inference
Jun 2, 2020 New article: The impact of learning on perceptual decisions and its implication for speed-accuracy tradeoffs
Aug 5, 2019 New paper: how do we choose among more than two alternatives?
Jun 5, 2019 Anna Kutschireiter, Ph.D., joins the lab as postdoc
Apr 1, 2019 Qiao Zheng, Ph.D., joins the lab as postdoc
Jan 23, 2018 Opening for postdoc in computational neuroscience
Jan 9, 2018 New pre-print on how to make optimal decisions with confidence
Aug 6, 2017 CoSMo 2017 summer school scripts & slides
May 14, 2017 Emma Krause becomes NDSEG fellow
Dec 1, 2016 New paper characterizing the origins of variability in perceptual decisions
Oct 1, 2016 Opening for shared postdoc position with Gershman lab
Aug 18, 2016 New paper on how to optimally choose between ice cream and chocolate cake
Apr 11, 2016 Opening for postdoctoral research fellow